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My Possible Self

Our app, based on clinically proven content, reduces the stress, anxiety and/or low mood of your patient population.


My Possible Self, the mental health app, now offers the NHS a digital triage tool, MPS Connect, to enable NHS professionals to manage large populations of patients with potential mental health and wellbeing problems.

MPS Connect offers NHS professionals the opportunity to connect patients to app and website content that is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood. And at the same time, open up a flow of information on the mental health and wellbeing of patients that can be used to direct medical interventions and manage each patient back to recovery.

MPS Connect offers full interoperability with all major NHS IT systems. It can help identify mental health and wellbeing problems in patient populations and allows NHS professionals to bring different mental health interventions to the point of need by the use of groundbreaking digital technology.

How do we do it?

We’ve partnered with our sister company Inhealthcare, the UK’s leading provider of digital health and remote patient monitoring tools.

Our partnership allows NHS professionals to remotely monitor patients with self-reporting measures such as PHQ-9 and GAD-7 so they can better triage patients with common mild-to-moderate mental health symptoms.

MPS Connect:

  • Frees up clinician’s time to focus on patients most in need
  • Reduces overall pressure on primary care services
  • Maximises existing budgets to reach more people for less
  • Compatible with all major NHS IT systems
  • Alert system for clinicians to manage at-risk patients
  • Improves patient outcomes

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What are your credentials?

What features does the app offer patients?

My Possible Self, the mental health app, contains clinically proven content to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood. Patients can:

  • Track their mood every day with our Mood Tracker and Insights Tool
  • Understand what signs and symptoms they should look out for
  • Learn what practical steps they can take to look after their own mental health

Learning Modules 

Patients can select from 10 learning modules including Managing Fear and Anxiety, Managing Stress and Overload and Building Happiness and Wellbeing.

They will learn to identify the signs and symptoms to look out for and develop new ways to deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can cause problems.

Mood Tracker

Patients can track how they feel every day with our mood tracking and insights tool. They can highlight activities, places and people that influence their mood, so they can focus on the things that make them feel great and do less of the things that don’t.

Who is behind My Possible Self?

We are a family business founded in 2009 by Joanne Wilkinson as a not-for-profit counselling service based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. My Possible Self, the mental health app, launched in late 2017 as an evolution of that original local business with 38,000 downloads and 4,000 monthly active users to date.

We continue to be a small family business with 20 staff based in Harrogate. If you’re passing by, drop in for a chat and a cup of Yorkshire tea. Our size means that we are agile and responsive to the needs of patients and clinicians alike.

We exist to empower everyone with the tools and techniques they need to better manage the day to day stresses of normal life, to form and maintain healthy relationships and deal with positive and negative emotions.

Who is the app designed for?

The app is designed to support adults with common mental health problems including people living with stress, anxiety and low mood. We would not suggest the app is used for more severe mental health problems and advise that anyone experiencing more severe mental health problems seeks immediate medical help.

Is my patient data safe?

Personal identifiable information can only be accessed through existing GP systems and not by My Possible Self or Inhealthcare.

Inhealthcare are accredited by ISO 27001 regarding Information Security Management and ISO 9001 on quality management.

My Possible Self also completed a comprehensive Digital Assessment Questionnaire in order to be listed as one of six mental health apps on the NHS Apps Library.

How accessible is the app for patients?

We’ve seamlessly connected the experience so your patients can access My Possible Self features on their smartphone app or through the website.

An estimated 90% of the UK population owns a smartphone giving you an opportunity to collect patient data to provide better, more informed triage, treatment and patient outcomes.

Available on Android, iOS or through the website. However patients want to use My Possible Self – we’ve got them covered.

What are the costs?

The app is currently free for anyone to download and sign up. The daily Mood Tracker and Insights Tool and the Building Happiness & Wellbeing learning module are both free to use forever. All other features are accessible for a monthly subscription.

NHS and businesses can secure discounts depending on the quantity of users you wish to commit to and the timeframe of those subscriptions. The GP system integration is built into our costs.

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